How It Works

ArticleKing is a publishing web outlet that allows authors submit their quality content and get paid for it on a continuing basis. And here is how it works.


First, you need to register as an author. The registration process is pretty simple and takes less than a minute to complete. Remember that if you decide to use pen names for your articles, you do not have to register multiple accounts. ArticleKing allows unlimited pen names. No matter how many pen names you have, they all contribute to your article revenues and author recognition levels.


When publishing your articles, make sure that you follow ArticleKing guidelines — it will help you to make the most money from your articles. After you register, you will be asked for a Google AdSense ID that will be used in your published articles. If you do not have it, you can add it later after you sign up with Google AdSense. You are also more than welcome to include up to three author resource backlinks in every published article.


ArticleKing shares with its authors a generous 50% of all article page views. Because every article has complimentary Google AdSense ads, half of the article page views show the author's AdSense code, which results in earnings through Google AdSense. By using transparent statistics, you can always track how many times your articles were displayed. All earnings that come from 50% views are solely yours and paid by Google.